Fashion was introduced to me by my parents. As a young child I would see both my parents dress up for all types of occasions and daily just dressed ‘fine’. The period in time, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s & 80’s people did ‘dress up’ more than in present day. My parents thou continued to dress up more than the average person. They both cared about their total look, especially my mother. She made sure all her accessories coordinated with her outfit. She never verbally talked about the importance of fashion for her however showed it daily in her outfit choices and the styling of her hair. Since I was little, my mother always had my hair styled nicely and my clothing selections more on the dressy side. We attended the theatre quite a bit and out for ‘white table cloth’ dinners which back then people would dress up.

I was always more of a girly girl so this all worked for me and I loved dressing up or down, but mostly just loved coordinating pieces of clothing to create my own style and look. My choices in hair styles and hair accessories, headbands being my favorite go to, completed my fashion statement! Everyday I was about, what should my look be, that was just me, not should I be interested or not, there wasn’t that thought process, it was a must to be concerned and interested to be put together fashionably every day. Also, how I felt that day would help dictate my looks, from casual to some bling or more sparkle please! Fashion was fascinating and intriguing to me. It had an allure for me that never left. All the fashion magazines, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Wear Daily and many more, all so exciting! As I turned the pages, the fashions came to life for me! It created its own private and exciting journey through what is current and hot in all fashion areas of men’s and women’s. The mags also had a pleather of helpful fashion tips. This all made me feel connected to the exciting world of fashion!

At a young age, early teens, I realized by creating a signature look that was just yours and all the daily styles that express just you, it made me FEEL good and FEEL better about myself. As a teen, you don’t have a lot of say in growing up, however your fashion style you can develop it, control it and own it, it empowered me. The extra effort to ‘be put together’ gave me more spring in my step of confidence and self-assurance. Everyone is different for what inspires and motivates them to acquire that extra edge for themselves. Clothing and care for my daily total look gave me that extra boost for what I needed. It always made me FEEL BETTER to be put together. I figure skated for years and performed in sparkly crystal costumes. I always like a little sparkle, a little crystal here and there, elevates the piece of clothing from plainer to more unique and a stand out.

It was an obvious choice to choose fashion as my major in college and work in the industry. I was in management for the majority of my career, ladies high end stores. I always helped customers wherever I worked, and it was special for me to help them create there looks that made them feel good!

From playing with barbies and caring about what she wore and how to put her look together to paper dolls and putting her cut out pieces on her frame, I’ve always been fascinated in the looks of fashion as it is limitless in choices and the good feeling it personally can give a person. It is fun, you gain confidence in oneself to create and brings joy to see yourself in a mirrors reflection of your own personal style.