Jacqueline LLC Terms & Conditions

1.— Headbands are non-refundable… specific concerns will be addressed and action taken on an individual basis.

2.– Each headband is handmade at the time of order.

3.– At times Dye Lot and Vendors can change, we will match the shade as close as possible to the original color.

4.– We give you 4 choices of USPS Mail shipping.

  1.  Priority Metered Mail
  2.  Priority Flat Rate  Mail
  3.  Priority Express Metered Mail
  4.  Priority Express Flat Rate Mail

Most shipments will be received within two weeks. For quicker delivery, select.

6.– No tax unless shipping in the state of Arizona where Jacqueline LLC is headquartered.

Any Questions? Send Us a Message!

We would be happy to offer our style suggestions or any other advise.
Please share any questions you might have with us below.