All of us ladies have an unspoken universal code that if we don’t like what we have on, how we fixed ourselves up, it can taint our confidence some going through our day, especially if we are going through a work day. It can just simply make us feel just a little off and a bit cranky….

This is how i feel about this topic…yes, being a women it does take more time usually than a male from beginning to end to complete our get ready process..for myself, if i take this extra time to select clothing items that i like and feel good in and allow the time to fix my hair in a style that i prefer, it does give me a hop in my step and a feeling of, ok whatever comes at me today, at least i’m feeling good about my look. Many women might say they don’t care or put that much thought into the whole look good, feel good concept, this might be true. My belief is that society has dictated for ladies over men to be more conscious of being put has been ingrained in our upbringing from our childhood.

The more fashion conscious you are and especially if you are in a fashion related business, this will be very important to you.

Billy Crystal had coined a phrase back in the ’80’’s not how you feel darling, it’s how you look and you look marvelous! I love this line! Of course how we feel is of upmost importance, because our glow and how we relate to the world comes from our inner work we do on ourselves…his stress on how we look validates my point thou…’just do it’ don’t even think should i or not… spending the extra time to get a look that says, i like it, i feel great.. you will start to see the residual benefits in feeling a bit better about your overall look down the line, it will radiate through you…it doesn’t cost anything but some extra get ready time and shortly you will start to notice a shift in your overall daily style confidence that will be boosted…so, why not, right?

This is where my designer headbands come into helping you #feel good #get a little bling with Swarovski crystal #complete your look!
I need to stress that accessories can totally change and update an outfit, dress your look up or down, add dimension, excitement and luxury to your look and overall complete the style vision you had for the day or function.

Other than my princess glam, which is quite exquisite and more on the dressy /evening side, all my other 8 styles in leather, suede or silk with or without Swarovski crystal, can go from daytime to evening with or without an outfit change…you may just need to change your jewelry, handbag, shoes, or add some evening makeup..or simply not…your acessories will tranform your outfit to becoming your own unique look and style…

When you wear my designer the old Hollywood saying goes…you’ll be putting on the Ritz with a bit of glitz and magic with your own beauty from within that will come shining through!