Grocery stores today have remarketed, upscaled and added a pleather of department areas that were not available 4 decades ago. Let me say, if you forget to pick it up or couldn’t find it at the specific retail stores you were shopping at, you may be in luck if your next stop is the grocery store. In today’s rebranding and remarketing of the grocery stores, many carry Knick knacks, accessory/clothing items and so much more that is available for you to browse and purchase.

The smaller and larger grocery stores have so many fun areas today, from in-house mini restaurants, to a sit-down bar area, gorgeous floral departments, coffee shops, book shops, Knick knack areas, card areas, assorted clothing areas with a great variety of options. There are also lady’s accessories, stylish baseball hats to fashion hats, scarves, costume jewelry, and some hair accessories.

The Jacqueline designer headband would fit in nicely in any size grocery store. It would be the perfect addition in the lady’s accessory area. The styles would add a lot of interest and draw the customer to it as the brilliant sparkle from the crystal adorns the tops of the headbands and is a showstopper! The crystals are the top of the line, Swarovski and you can select to showcase the styles in a silver or gold stone or both. Each style takes on a slightly different look, with the same material just a different stone color. The materials are soft lamb leather, pig suede’s and gorgeous silks. The headbands have an elastic backing covered with a double layered silk with just the right easement she can wear it all day. From her morning activities straight through to her evening engagements, she will feel comfortable, stylish and totally put together in any of the 9 styles she selects from the Jacqueline Headband Collection!❤

Chicago Chic

Chicago Chic Mini

Lady Edina in Suede

Lady Edina in Leather

Minnetonka Girl

Minnetonka Girl Cas

Phoenix Pretty in Leather

Phoenix Pretty in Suede

Phoenix Pretty Mini in Leather

Phoenix Pretty Mini in Suede

Scottsdale Sparkle

Princess Glam