I have always had a great love for boutiques! They have the special unspoken message of “I’m unique to all others and you won’t see the garment pieces elsewhere.” The ambiance is inviting as it is usually a small cozy store or slightly larger and has unique qualities in the interior design that make all of them very individual, stand out and different from their competitors. They are usually privately owned with the owner at the store much of the time. This creates a sense of a connection to the store when browsing and buying as you have the owner present to ask any questions or concerns.

There are so many wonderful things to love about boutiques…to begin with, the inviting store front with stylish displays to look at, then from the moment you enter, you get a feel for the store. I can usually quickly look side to side and front to back and sense what type of merchandise they carry. You will see casualwear to evening and everything in between, depending what the store owner wants her niche to be for her customers. When entering there is always 1 if not more salespeople greeting you with a warm and inviting smile, it gives the customer a sense of relaxed comfort and makes them feel they should take their time to browse.

Many boutiques today have been combining ladies and children’s wear which I think is a good concept as long as it aesthetically works. This is usually in stores carrying more lady’s casual-wear that I see this being done. Most of the boutiques carry knick-knacks for your home, bath items and a large assortment of lady’s accessory items from, hats, scarves, handbags, shoes, costume jewelry and at times hair accessories. This is where my Jacqueline headband line comes into play.

My headband is the perfect fit for all boutique store owners. Jacqueline headband has varied material choices of silk, leather, suedes and more to come that will match and blend with most of your fabrication and styles in your store. They are adorned with Swarovski bling that will elevate any of your clothing pieces to a special panache feel and look. With the other accessory items your customers may choose from your store to complete their look, my headband is to the ‘bow on top of the package’ it ties the entire look together from head to toe!

Women are always concerned about what to do with their hair, from her daily regimen of how she styles it, to going out in the evening to special occasions. My headband is not only a clothing completion solution, but also the answer to her hair having a more stylized and finished look.

The Jacqueline headbands are easy to display and will add color, style interest and increase your accessory offerings to your customer.

The collection is also great for gift buying by your customers, one size fits all, no guessing in size and fit. The headbands are small, easy to wrap and ship. My line appeals to all ages from the preteen to the grandmother, anyone who loves hair ornaments will love my Jacqueline headbands. 

Chicago Chic

Chicago Chic Mini

Lady Edina in Suede

Lady Edina in Leather

Minnetonka Girl

Minnetonka Girl Cas

Phoenix Pretty in Leather

Phoenix Pretty in Suede

Phoenix Pretty Mini in Leather

Phoenix Pretty Mini in Suede

Scottsdale Sparkle

Princess Glam