All of us have different skin types and it becomes a daunting task to be educated on the brands and the products they carry to find the right fit for our own personal skin care regimen.  As we age our skin care needs shift and change and it’s  helpful for us to keep up with new products that can give us that  extra or special something we are seeking for a specific skin care need. Our skin is the first thing we notice on our face and this makes it so very important we learn what is best for us as we age.  Knowing and having a skin care company you can count on for all your questions,  a 1 stop shop and buy, saves you time and can help advise you on products.

My go to company is,  I have ordered from them for over a decade.  You can place your order online however I choose to always call and talk with their online order people as then I can ask questions as well.  The reason I like them so much and keep coming back is, they carry an enormous selection of brands, usually in stock, well priced , always good promotions, have great product knowledge, extremely friendly,  easy to work with and quick delivery.

The face and hair is what we all see visually first and it is important for all of us to have  great skincare, attractive makeup application and a  stunning  hairstyle that frames and suites our  face.  What completes the entire face and hair look are your hair accessories. Nothing better than a Jacqueline headband in suede, leather or silk with the brilliant Swarovski stones in a  stunning chain link design.  There are so many styles, colors and fabrics to pick from you will have so much fun mixing and matching your outfits with the gorgeous Jacqueline headbands.

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