The Jacqueline headband collection has many eye popping gorgeous styles that are seamlessly perfect in design and fabric to accessorize the entire bridal party!  From the women who is the main event, the Bride, to all the rest of the party. Bridesmaids, flower girls, mother of the bride and mother-in-law of the bride…I have your hair accessories covered!

Starting with the Bride to Be

I specifically designed the style, the Princess Glam with the bride in mind.  Of course, this style can be worn with any look and to whatever occasion you choose, the bride was my main inspiration. This style is a double braided silk with a soft ultra-suede backing to keep anchored in place, surrounded with large Swarovski crystals encrusted throughout the headband.  It comes in 8 colors, white, ivory, champagne, fawn, silver, gold, brown and black.

I will also work with you if you desire a different silk color than what I carry.  This is considered a special order and you will need to purchase a yard of that fabric. The headband has a very nice hand to it, is very durable and can hold a veil. Custom hooks, snaps whatever is decided will be sewn into the inside back portion of the headband.  This is for the more lighter variety of veil weights for this style.

You can wear it over your forehead, your hair pushed back, set in the middle of your hairstyle, your hair in a variety of updos or lodes.  I have many styles outlined in my tips and tricks section. Whatever color headband and hair style you choose, you will radiate with your own charm, class and beauty with this gorgeous headband framing your beautiful face.

The waist area of the bridal dresses has a lot of options.  I would love to custom a bridal belt for you that would be a fabric, color and crystal design of your choice…. fabric and crystal are special orders and would need to be purchased by the yard, price tbd.   Belts are a special order, price tbd after the fabric and crystal selection has been made and priced out. The placement of the belt fastener and the type of fastener will all be discussed when collaborating with you.

The Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids

The Scottsdale Sparkle is the perfect complement to your headband. It is a double braided silk with the same suede backing, same 8 color options and encrusted with slightly smaller crystals, still brilliant, beautiful and would make the desired look you are seeking for the ladies. If you desire another silk color not in my collection, I will work with you on selecting other color options, you would need to purchase a yard of the fabric, price tbd.

The mother of the bride and mother-in-law of the bride…the Scottsdale Sparkle is also a wonderful choice. I have 2 other silk options, the Chicago Chic, doubled layered raw edge silk headband, suede underside to give stability with 3 rows of dazzling large Swarovski crystals or the smaller version, the Chicago Chic Mini, same as above just 1 row or Swarovski crystal, a more subtle, understated design, still eye catching and beautiful!  Both styles come in the same 8 colors as the Princess Glam and Scottsdale Sparkle.  also, as stated above, if you desire another silk color not in my collection I will work with you.

Last but not Least, are the Flower Girl or Girls

The dainty Chicago Chic mini is the perfect answer to compliment her dress and bring together your entire bridal color pallet. Other color options available as previously mentioned.

One last accessory item which needs your consideration is a silk blinged out Swarovski crystal choker, a must!  You choose the design width, silk fabric color and crystal style and I will custom for you! How breathlessly adorable for your flower girls and bridesmaids, simply a knockout! (Special order custom pricing tbd.)

All my ideas are just merely suggestions for your big day. You do it your own unique and fabulous way and I hope you choose my designs for you and your bridal party!