The coming 4th of July weekend is the perfect time to add my designer headbands to your days of festivities.  Many of the days surrounding this holiday you will be dressed in 4th of July attire.

I have the perfect answer that adds the right color, sparkle and fun to complete all your 4th of July outfits! Many of your style looks will be casual around this holiday…. a lot of outdoor grilling and activities. My luxury headbands can dress you up or down for your desired look.  You can have that hint of dressy panache when selecting your jewelry, handbag, shoes and my many varieties of headband styles that brings your entire look to, WOW!

Take a look through my designer collection of headbands. All the styles have the colors red and white.

The Phoenix Pretty comes in a soft lambskin leather or a soft pigskin suede, both with 3 rows of gorgeous Swarovski crystals.  Even thou they are the same style; each hide has a bit of a different feel and look, and you may want them both! Both reds are a true red and would match with whatever other colors you are coordinating.  The leather in white is a brighter white that will match with all your outfits.  The suede in white is just a touch off bright white and will blend with your clothing choices.

If you want some bling, just a little less, I have the Phoenix Pretty Mini.  This style is a thinner leather or suede headband with 1 row of crystal. For a little variety, why not get both, then you have the 2 width options!

If you want a style in between the 2 widths of the Phoenix Pretty and Phoenix Pretty Mini then you will love the Edina Lady in red or white, leather or suede, the same shades as in the previous styles.  This has 2 rows of sparkling crystals, with a classic look with both sides seamed.

Another option are the Minnetonka Girl and Minnetonka Girl Cas, both are eye catching braided styles in the same leather and suede, in white or red.  I added a beautiful silk in a matching red or white that is woven together in the braid, stunning! You have the choice to add a little sparkle or not with a small Swarovski crystal stone.

Another great choice is the Chicago Chic, a double raw edge silk with 3 strands of Swarovski crystal. In the collection it comes in white and I can make up special a red silk as well.  If you desire a little less glitz, I have the Chicago Chic Mini, a smaller width, 1 strand of sparkle.  Both a great choice for the 4th attire.

If your 4th is leaning to the dressier venues. Then look at the gorgeous Scottsdale Sparkle, it is a stunning silk braided look with large woven in Swarovski crystal strands.  The white color comes in the collection and I can make up special in red as well.

If you’re simply going all out for the 4th, a dressy extravaganza, I have you covered with this show stopper headband, the Princess Glam!  A double braided silk with large woven in Swarovski crystals encrusted throughout! It comes in the color white from the collection and I can make up special in red as well.

In all these styles from my entire collection, you have the option to choose a silver or gold stone, which changes the look a bit and you may want the same style and color with the 2 different crystal stone colors, love it!