Looking for gift or gifts for many of you men becomes a chore and a laborious task. Some of you have your friends or secretaries doing your buying with prompting them with what you’re looking for. Many of you notoriously wait until the final hour and then it becomes an emergency! I’m here to take the STRESS out of your shopping experience and offering you an easy and fast way to order my headbands in the comfort of wherever you desire!

One of the main reasons I can be your 1 stop shop for females is my designer luxury headbands appeal to all ages from your daughter, niece and godchild to your wife, mother, and mother-in-law and yes even your grandmother! All my styles are classic in design, a timeless look that crosses over to all ages and all types of fashion looks, from ultra-trendy to tailored to conservative. The styles are a refined elegance that range from many that are dressy to more casual…however all styles can lend themselves either direction depending how the women accessories her total look.

The other great news is you have so many choices to pick from…. I have 9 styles with 2 of the designer styles that have 2 different luxury materials…I have sumptuous lamb leathers to soft pigskin suedes to beautiful silks with most styles adorned with beautiful Swarovski crystal, to add a little sparkle and glitz. You can choose from 2 different color crystals, silver or gold. In the silks you have 8 colors to choose from and in the leathers and suedes you have 6 colors. Another great additional perk to buying a headband, you don’t have to deal with sizing. One size fits all!

Another thought and suggestion are women who love to buy for themselves in multiples of the same item just in different colors if it’s a good look…. with my luxury designer headbands, they come in a variety of styles and colors. I selected colors that were more in the neutral palette that would lend themselves to have more matching and blending options when ladies are coordinating their clothing look to make their fashion statement.

Have a stress free and happy shopping experience at my beautiful store…if you desire my assistance, I would love to help you…just send me a note or email and I will contact you in the way you state you want to connect.

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