Heavenly silk made from the silk worms and manufactured from places all over the world. When I think of silk, I think of all the different ways this fabulous material is used. We see it in home products such as upholstering and bedding…and in the fashion apparel industry we just simply could not do without this fabric, it would be such a void. We are lucky it was discovered by a tenacious and inquisitive empress of China, or we would have just synthetic versions of this real fiber.

I use the beautiful China silks in many of the Jacqueline styles, a few with a stylish raw edge or a closed seam in the braided looks.

The silk fabric is literally universally used in every type of apparel from lingerie, to workout clothing, to everyday clothing for work– tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, to your elegant evening attire in cocktail dresses to gowns to bridal attire. You will see it in accessories, scarves, gloves, hats, belts, handbags, shoes and silk jewelry pieces.

All my gorgeous silk headbands and silk combined with leather and suede headbands are the perfect accent to brighten up your individually unique, ‘just your look’, and say, wow, this is fantastic!

You can choose from the raw edge silk styles of the Chicago Chic or the Chicago Chic Mini, a bit less bling, or the silk elegant braided Scottsdale Sparkle or the show stopping, silk Princess Glam! I also have the silk braided in the Minnetonka Girl or Minnetonka Girl Cas, with no bling. The color palette I chose for the Chicago Chic and Chicago Chic Mini, the Scottsdale Sparkle and the Princess Glam are basic classic colors of black, brown, grey, gold and white. I then selected colors that are understated shades of creams a hint lighter or stronger, ivory, fawn and champagne. In Minnetonka Girl, the braided style, the colors are in the traditional shades of black, grey, brown, red, taupe and white.

All the silk styles in these selected color tones will complete all your daily looks from just going for a run or walk, sitting around your pool or at the ocean, going to work or out with a friend, to a cocktail party to walking down the aisle, all the styles work and will make you feel special as you now have a Jacqueline headband and have created a unique and complete look!!!