Hair salons today are very different from the past. They offer way more than a haircut, perm and style. They have expanded and blossomed into full blown day salons offering much as what you would see at a top resort.

Besides the shops menu of their hair and day spa selections most hair salons today carry all types of cute and trendy accessory items. You see an assortment of rings, bracelets and necklaces, at times I see fashion hats, from stylish blinged out baseball caps to fashionable straw or cloth styles. Also displayed are decorative accessory pieces for the hair, such as upscale crunches, decorative covered rubber binders, barrettes, hard and soft headbands, this is where the Jacqueline headbands are a perfect fit!

Jacqueline designer headbands are a soft headband that is a one size fit for everyone. It has a silk covered elastic back that has just the right easement that you can wear it throughout all your daily activities and engagements. They all come in luxurious materials of silk, soft lamb leathers and pig suedes and more to come. The bands are adorned with the elegant Swarovski crystal with a choice of silver or gold crystal stone. There are 9 collection styles to choose from with varying amounts of crystal bling on each headband. This gives the customer the choices of more or less bling depending upon their taste. The glamorous and posh look of all the headbands will add class, color, elegance and sparkle to the accessory area in your store.

There is one style, the Princess Glam, I designed specifically for the bride in mind. I have many other styles, Scottsdale Sparkle, Chicago Chic and Chicago Chic Mini that would be perfect for the other members of the wedding party, such as the mother and mother-in-law of the bride, the bridesmaids and even the flower girls. The colors are all beautiful silk shades that brides would select to match the bridal parties’ dresses and shoes. Hair salons are the place the bride and her bridal party go the day of the wedding to have their makeup applied and hair styled. With my headbands in your store, they can be available for the bride to see when she is planning her styling options for herself and her bridal party or if on the wedding day, she is in need of any last-minute hair pieces, my line will have them covered, out the door and looking all like a million bucks!

The Jacqueline designer headbands the customer will realize are such flexible classic styles and blendable colors they can and will be wearing them from their casual affairs to their very dressy events.