Designer headbands

I design all the Jacqueline headbands. I think up styles that will give you a sophisticated classic look with Swarovski crystal bling and 1 style option that is blingless …When I design these individual styles, I have in mind what would compliment your looks from day to evening and work to leisure time. All of my headbands are going to make you feel your look is now complete and will radiate your own personal style!

I feel all the looks have a reach that is non gender specific and ageless…headbands are a universal accessory item that are being worn by many throughout their daily activities and events.

We all know hair is a major important piece in completing our total look everyday we walk out the door. Feeling good and comfortable about our style and one that suites us is important to all of us ladies. Everyday many of us don’t want to wash and style our hair. My Headbands can also give you an alternative solution for these days, instead of resorting to putting on a hat to cover your hair. What I do is, select any of the designer width styles, they all work beautifully. I pick a hairstyle I want, you can do a variety of styles, many I talked about in the tips and tricks section. I pull the headband over my face and rest it on my neck, style my hair and pull the headband up over my face and set into place. If you have short hair, no problem, solved! It all works the same. Also, you can squirt a little dry shampoo in your hair to help assist on these non wash hair days, then pull on your headband, style, problem solved! This will stretch out your wash cycle and also free up some time in you’re getting ready process. I do this weekly myself and I can’t tell you how it saves on time. Just knowing before I go to bed I don’t have to deal in the morning with the wash and blow dry portion makes me happy for the next a.m. rise. Then in the mornings I do need to wash, blow and style, I’m more up for taking the time and going through the process.

Signature of Jackie Walsh