Luxury department stores are very special in today’s retail climate to be preserved and to keep thriving forward. They have been the hallmark of the turn of the century of the modernization of retailing. The lady’s hair accessories area in these fine stores have been shrunk way down or have become obsolete. Some stores are maintaining a robust section with diverse and colorful hair items and the Jacqueline designer headbands would fit in perfectly. They are luxurious materials of silk, soft lamb leathers and pig skin suedes and more to come.

The crystal bling that adorns the bands are Swarovski which the customer has the choice of silver or gold stone. She also can decide how much she wants to sparkle as all styles have varying amounts of bling. The styles and colors are classic and timeless that will match and blend with most of her looks. They are all so versatile in design she can start her day wearing the style, casually around the pool, exercising or going to the office and keep wearing the band into the evening out for dinner, plays or an elegant affair.

The comfort is sublime, all the styles are a soft headband with an elastic stretch back covered with double silk with perfect easement that you can and will wear throughout your day.

With the stores today having personal shoppers and the sales staff being able to service her customer throughout the entire store, the employee can pull the entire looks together for her in a shorter time frame and with a better understanding of her type of personal style as she has remained with her and gotten to know her. A headband will always be an accessory piece that the salesperson will want to add to the mix of looks the customer is desiring. Bling, sparkle, pop adds a little fun and always makes a woman feel a bit more special.

Chicago Chic

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Lady Edina in Suede

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Phoenix Pretty Mini in Suede

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